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Featured Florist: Hana Floral


Florals and greenery are one of the biggest focal points of any wedding from the bride's beautiful bouquet, the complementing bridesmaid bouquets, the ceremony altar to the wow factor of the reception table centerpieces. They are truly what make the wedding atmosphere feel dreamy and celebratory all at the same time. 

We thought it would be a great idea to chat with one of our favorite floral companies, Hana Floral! They have created stunning weddings under our tents over the years so we are giving you the chance to get to know the owner, Yumiko Fletcher a little better and show off how amazing and talented her and her team are. Seriously - they create the most dreamy florals. 

2019 09 24 2
Photograph by Hana Floral
2019 09 25 11
Photograph by Leila Brewster

How she got her start in the floral industry:

 Yumiko got her start in the floral industry over 15 years ago after her mom passed away suddenly from cancer. She ended up taking a leave of absence from her NYC job and worked at a small flower shop that summer. Her boss at the flower shop told her that she was a natural and she then decided to take a few classes at the NY Botanical gardens as well. She continued to work with florals at another shop after she moved that focused on a lot of weddings and events and then in 2004, she decided to start Hana Floral officially. Before finding her love of florals she was a classically trained opera singer and wanted a way to get back into creativity in a new form that could also end up being her livelihood. 

What she likes most about working in the wedding/event industry: 

She loves meeting her clients and getting to be a part of one of the most important days of their lives.  It's still a thrill to her even after over 700 weddings!!  

Lauren Tobie Wedding 0333
Photograph by Maggie Conley
Lauren Tobie Wedding 0311
Photograph by Maggie Conley

Her favorite wedding she has done with us and why it was so special: 

She loved our Vermont wedding at the Hermitage Inn (photos below). She was fortunate to make a connection with the family and loved being a part of both of their daughter's weddings.

Does she prefer working with greenery or florals for decor?  BOTH

What she enjoys about designing florals for tents vs an indoor space and what are the major differences that clients would want to know: 

She loves a tented wedding because it's a blank slate.  You can create your dream wedding without the walls of a ballroom confining you. She's also just a huge fan of any weddings outdoors. Nature is your background and that is always beautiful.

Photograph by Leila Brewster

The geographic areas she services:

Her and her team will go wherever their clients ask them to travel however, their general area is all of CT, NY, and New England.

Her favorite flowers to use for wedding bouquets/table centerpieces: 

Without a doubt, she says she is a peony lover. She also really loves so many spring flowers, such as lilacs, hellebores, and ranunculus. (Us too Yumiko... us too.) 

Photograph by Rebecca Arthurs
Derek Kristin Ocean House Wedding 125
Photograph by Rebecca Arthurs

The process behind creating and designing floral décor for a wedding: 

She likes to hear about the couple's story and the reasoning behind the venue/location for their wedding to get a vision of the overall day. From there she goes into more detail with the couples about where the florals are going to be - whether its the bouquets, personal flowers, ceremony or reception. She always encourages brides to send her images of what they are envisioning or a Pinterest board full of ideas which then helps her and her team to pull common themes and colors for the florals.

For more incredible dreamy pictures go to their Instagram

Photograph by Lindsay Hite
Photograph by Lindsay Hite
Photograph by Lindsay Hite

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