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We got the chance to reach out to Mike and Jane, a husband and wife duo that are the founders of Iris Photography. Jane focuses on the family and corporate clients while Mike is the lead on weddings. We asked Mike a little bit about his journey being a photographer and his experiences photographing weddings under our tents.

How long he has been a photographer: 11 years

How he got started/ what made him choose to photograph weddings:

Photography is a second career for him--he got an MBA in the late 90s and was in marketing roles for Fortune 500 companies. His wife Jane left the corporate world before him and started a wedding photography business in metro Detroit. They started having children and made a plan for him to leave the corporate world too and to join the photo business with Jane.  In September of 2008, just before the financial crisis hit, he gave his notice and they started working together.  They've grown the business steadily since then, opening a physical studio in West Hartford, CT.  Their business is split between weddings and events, family portraits, and commercial work.  On the commercial side, they have photographed the NY Mets at Spring Training for 10 years!

Mike leads the wedding and event segment. What he loves about it is the emotional impact and importance of the day and all the opportunities weddings present for taking honest, real photos that people value.

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Photograph by Iris Photography

The geographic areas Iris Photography services:

They are based in West Hartford CT, but photograph most weddings in Fairfield County CT, Westchester County NY and Litchfield County CT.  They have shot weddings from NJ to Martha's Vineyard to Vermont as well.

What he likes about photographing under our tents versus an indoor space: 

Many things...first, a tent is inherently more festive than a ballroom--it adds a youthful, fun element to the celebration.  A tent allows for people to come and go from the grassy areas easily for a relaxed, outdoor experience.

For photography, there are several advantages. First, a translucent canopy like the Sperry Tent sailcloth has a beautiful amber glow that looks great against the cobalt sky at dusk.  Then, inside the canopy allows for bouncing flash behind or to the side to soften the light falling on people. He mentions that even if it rains, a tent concentrates the wedding energy in one place--many of the most memorable weddings he's photographed were tented weddings in the rain.

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Photograph by Iris Photography
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Photograph by Iris Photography
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Photograph by Iris Photography

His favorite style of tent to photograph and why:

He really likes Sperry's sailcloth series with open sides. The amber glow, the wooden poles, and graceful lines are a beautiful backdrop to a celebration. The ochre sailcloth is close enough to a white to allow the bouncing of light as well. Clear tents really make a statement and are very cool too though.

An event he has photographed under one of our tents that has created a lasting memory:

They photographed a really nice couple's wedding in Darien CT a few years back, held on her parent's yard. (By the way - this is one of GTC's all time favorite weddings too!!) He loved the iconic image of everyone celebrating in the tent at dusk, with the bride's childhood home in the distance...kind of says it all for launching your children into the world. (Photos throughout post)

If you want to see more amazing moments captured by Iris Photography follow them on Instagram!!

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Photograph by Iris Photography
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Photograph by Iris Photography

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