Featured Photographer: Melani Lust

Melani Lust has captured some beautifully touching moments through her many years of being a photographer, and she has seen some wondrous events under our Sperry Sailcloth Tents that we think are amazing! Get to know Melani and get a little peak into some of these weddings!

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How long she has been a photographer: 

Since 2006 when she began learning in high school where she had her first film and dark room classes.

How she got started/ what made her choose to photographer:

 Growing up in California, her photographic ambitions led her to become the international documentarian for her large extended family. Capturing her family's most exciting events on film, she recognized the beauty and significance of preserving moments in time. After high school she immersed herself in another passion, the performing arts, moving to New York to study modern dance at the Alvin Ailey School. Working for a period as a professional dancer gave her an experience which deepened her understanding and appreciation of the human form in composition and line, an inherent elegance which is manifested in her photography. She subsequently returned to her first love, continuing her formal photographic studies at the ICP in NY. She continues to stay professionally inspired by taking on photojournalistic and editorial assignments worldwide. 

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Photograph by Melani Lust
Photograph by Melani Lust
Melani Lust
Photograph by Melani Lust

The geographic areas she services:

Mostly NYC, Westchester, Hamptons, Greenwich, Fairfield County and Litchfield County. She has photographed all over the world - India, Cuba, California and each year has a destination wedding in the Bahamas, Jamaica or some other island,  hoping to have a wedding in France soon since she is near fluent and a huge Francophile. 

What she likes about photographing under our tents versus an indoor space: 

Aesthetically they are magic and loves them for many reasons, but here are her top two:

1) The tent immediately makes the wedding an outdoor/indoor experience, you are protected and still have the feeling of being set within nature, this is fabulous for flow, guest circulation and enjoyment 

2) the tent is a blank canvas and couples are able to execute their vision in its totality. Every tent decor is unique and couples have the option to be very creative with their florists and designers to create magic that will reflect their personalities and style. 

Photograph by Melani Lust
Photograph by Melani Lust

Her favorite style of tent, Sperry or Clear top to photograph: 

Melani love the classics, and so Sperry it is! She love that no matter where you photograph in the tent you will have a great backdrop. She finds that many couples don't realize how much of the ceiling gets into the compositions as backgrounds in the photos. This is especially true during the horah, any crowd surfing, large dance scenes, and any full room atmospheric photos. Not too many venues have pretty ceilings, but a tent has that soft white backdrop, that is often enhanced by floral, lighting and chandeliers, this creates a great backdrop for all of the memories we document. The white tents provides a nice bounce for our flashes and the existing atmospheric light. One of Melani's specialties is freezing the moment, while preserving the background atmosphere, so that the photo isn't overly bright, but you can still see the candid moment very clearly, as well as the mood, a tent allows her to facilitate this easier and with truer colors than a ballroom would.

Some events she have photographed under one of our tents that has created a lasting memory: 

Here are a few beautiful moments she has captured through out this post! 

Check out her Instagram for more stunning photos!

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Photograph by Melani Lust

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