Featured Planner: Ashley Douglass Events

Event Planners, or as I like to call them - the fairy Godmothers of all things wedding and special events - are really the glue to every single aspect of your wedding day/event. They help piece together your dream vision while giving you ideas and feedback about each decision from the catering and floral designs to the guest experience.

Ashley Douglass Events is the total package with the motto of "seamless planning for luxury events." We have worked with her and her team for the past few years and the work that they have done is stunning. We have shared the final images of numerous we have worked with her in the past, but we thought it would be fun to learn about the process of making those events a reality. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some one-on-one time with the one and only Ashley Douglass. 

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Her experience in this industry:

Before event planner, Ashley was involved in professional theatre both in NYC and regionally. She grew up in a professional theatre family and was a serious ballet student all throughout childhood so “production time” was just part of her life. While still in the theater, she worked as a staff trainer for a larger NYC restaurant group. For her it was ideal because when she needed a job, be it for a month or four, she always had a restaurant to be placed into and sometimes was helping to open a new restaurant too. She moved to LA in her late 20s and did the same work on the side and eventually her name started circulating as a subcontracted wedding or event coordinator. That was when she first got the wedding bug. Ashley shadowed some designers as well, laying the groundwork for a future job, all the while still treading the boards. She then went back to school to become a therapist and in tandem started to book her own weddings. (Is there a more perfect pairing of professions? Planner and therapist? She can make your event beautiful AND help you through the inevitable meltdowns!) Without planning it, a new career emerged and picked up speed prior to completing her training hours as a therapist so she went for it as a full time wedding/event planner. That was about 9 years ago.

How she got started and what made her choose this career:

Ashley always wanted to work for herself. That was a must. She says she is for sure right brained but also loves detail and a hard challenge. The harder the job, the better she will do. With weddings and events, you see the final outcome which is the ideal reward. Ashley also has a few other business ideas up her sleeve, but we will get back to her on that!

What geographic areas she services:

She works in NYC, Hamptons, Hudson Valley to the Berkshires, Vermont and Fairfield County CT. But really she works wherever her clients take her. They have also planned in CA, CO, FL, TX and Mexico.

The Day Nathan Smith Meade Donofrio0773
Photograph by Nathan Smith
The Day Nathan Smith Meade Donofrio0776 1
Photograph by Nathan Smith
The Day Nathan Smith Meade Donofrio0784
Photograph by Nathan Smith

Her favorite part about being an event planner:

Happy clients make a happy planner. Ashley feels good to be in a job in which she excels, as silly as that may sound. She is good with people (thanks therapy degree), detail and an absolute pro design.

What Ashley likes about working with a tent for a wedding reception versus an indoor space:

She finds that its important to have a tented event even if you are in a location that does not get much rain. Having a main structure calls for guests to focus and gather in one space and you are able to do what you want aesthetically. You can be anywhere - a patio, a field or even outside in the woods - and have a formal event. She loves lighting and a barren tent gives you options! 

How she discovered Greenwich Tent and why she enjoys working with us:

She began working with us back when we were first Sperry Tents Greenwich. We're a growing company that still feels and operates like a small family company and she and her clients value that.

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Photograph by Sarma + Co
Ade Blog3
Photograph by Sarma + Co

Some of her favorite events she has done with us!

A New Canaan wedding the night after the Supreme Court ruled same sex marriage as legal. Click Here to see the full story! (No big deal - Justin Timberlake showed up...)

A wedding at Glenmere Mansion where the bride actually let her mother do a majority of the planning since she was busy with her career and wanted her mom to have some fun with it! 

And a wedding at The Country Club of Fairfield where her parents got married sixty two years before. Click Here to see the full story!

If you are equally as happy seeing her gorgeous events, then pop on over to their Instagram!

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Photograph by Christian Oath
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Photograph by Christian Oath

Featured Photographer: Leila Brewster

When people say that a picture is worth a thousand words that couldn't be more true for a wedding day! Your wedding photographer becomes your second set of eyes on your big day, capturing all the personal details, moments and an atmosphere full of love. 

Having photos of the moment your bridesmaids see you in your dress for the first time, the moment you say I Do, the beautiful reception tables and your first dances are memories that you wish could last a little longer, well, that is exactly what Leila Brewster is going to capture on your magical day. 

She is a photographer that has been a part of a few of our favorite weddings over the past few years and we wanted you to meet her and see some of the amazing pictures she has taken! 

Leila has been featured on The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Harper's Bazaar Bride and Carats & Cake.

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How long she has been a photographer:

She been a photographer for over 20 years, and 10 professionally. Her mom gifted her a camera when she was 15 for a trip to Paris and the love affair with the still image started that day. It was pretty much fate! 

How she got started photographing weddings:

About 10 years ago, she sat down and asked herself what she loves. Having two degrees and at the time playing soccer in Denmark, Leila knew she didn’t want to work for anyone but herself and knew that her soccer career was ending. So she sat down and made a list. She LOVED people, travel, and photography. Reviewing the list it just made sense that weddings were the perfect combination of those three things! She then hung up her soccer cleats and never looked back. 

The geographic areas she services: 

She is really all over the place - Most of her weddings are in CA (up and down the whole state), NY, RI, CT, VT, with a few destination sprinkled in. She will go anywhere! 

What she likes about photographing under our tents versus an indoor space:

She love photographing under your tents because of the dynamic lines! Instead of a flat ceiling, she loves how the tents curve upwards. And she loves seeing the many ways you can dress the tents up - some prefer twinkle lights, while others do floral installs. It's so fun to see how each client makes the space their own.

Her favorite style of tent, Sperry or Clear top to photograph: 

She does love a clear top for daytime because she has always loved nature and thinks that the clear top is the best way to be out in nature, but inside not worrying about bugs (the mosquito's LOVE her). She will say though that a Sperry tent is great for bouncing light - It helps create a more dynamic lighting situation under a white tent whereas the clear top is limiting on her flash angles.

Some events she has photographed under one of our tents that have created a lasting memory: 

Sammi and Rob's wedding a couple of years ago in Greenwich, CT. Pictures Below!

If you love these photos as much as we do, then you will love her Instagram!! 

Photograph by Leila Brewster
Greenwich Ct Wedding Photos Leila Brewster Photography 41
Photograph by Leila Brewster
Greenwich Ct Wedding Photos Leila Brewster Photography 53
Photograph by Leila Brewster
Greenwich Ct Wedding Photos Leila Brewster Photography 52
Photograph by Leila Brewster

Featured Florist: Hana Floral


Florals and greenery are one of the biggest focal points of any wedding from the bride's beautiful bouquet, the complementing bridesmaid bouquets, the ceremony altar to the wow factor of the reception table centerpieces. They are truly what make the wedding atmosphere feel dreamy and celebratory all at the same time. 

We thought it would be a great idea to chat with one of our favorite floral companies, Hana Floral! They have created stunning weddings under our tents over the years so we are giving you the chance to get to know the owner, Yumiko Fletcher a little better and show off how amazing and talented her and her team are. Seriously - they create the most dreamy florals. 

2019 09 24 2
Photograph by Hana Floral
2019 09 25 11
Photograph by Leila Brewster

How she got her start in the floral industry:

 Yumiko got her start in the floral industry over 15 years ago after her mom passed away suddenly from cancer. She ended up taking a leave of absence from her NYC job and worked at a small flower shop that summer. Her boss at the flower shop told her that she was a natural and she then decided to take a few classes at the NY Botanical gardens as well. She continued to work with florals at another shop after she moved that focused on a lot of weddings and events and then in 2004, she decided to start Hana Floral officially. Before finding her love of florals she was a classically trained opera singer and wanted a way to get back into creativity in a new form that could also end up being her livelihood. 

What she likes most about working in the wedding/event industry: 

She loves meeting her clients and getting to be a part of one of the most important days of their lives.  It's still a thrill to her even after over 700 weddings!!  

Lauren Tobie Wedding 0333
Photograph by Maggie Conley
Lauren Tobie Wedding 0311
Photograph by Maggie Conley

Her favorite wedding she has done with us and why it was so special: 

She loved our Vermont wedding at the Hermitage Inn (photos below). She was fortunate to make a connection with the family and loved being a part of both of their daughter's weddings.

Does she prefer working with greenery or florals for decor?  BOTH

What she enjoys about designing florals for tents vs an indoor space and what are the major differences that clients would want to know: 

She loves a tented wedding because it's a blank slate.  You can create your dream wedding without the walls of a ballroom confining you. She's also just a huge fan of any weddings outdoors. Nature is your background and that is always beautiful.

Photograph by Leila Brewster

The geographic areas she services:

Her and her team will go wherever their clients ask them to travel however, their general area is all of CT, NY, and New England.

Her favorite flowers to use for wedding bouquets/table centerpieces: 

Without a doubt, she says she is a peony lover. She also really loves so many spring flowers, such as lilacs, hellebores, and ranunculus. (Us too Yumiko... us too.) 

Photograph by Rebecca Arthurs
Derek Kristin Ocean House Wedding 125
Photograph by Rebecca Arthurs

The process behind creating and designing floral décor for a wedding: 

She likes to hear about the couple's story and the reasoning behind the venue/location for their wedding to get a vision of the overall day. From there she goes into more detail with the couples about where the florals are going to be - whether its the bouquets, personal flowers, ceremony or reception. She always encourages brides to send her images of what they are envisioning or a Pinterest board full of ideas which then helps her and her team to pull common themes and colors for the florals.

For more incredible dreamy pictures go to their Instagram

Photograph by Lindsay Hite
Photograph by Lindsay Hite
Photograph by Lindsay Hite

Featured Venue: The Weekapaug Inn


Situated on the Quonochontaug Pond, the Weekapaug Inn is a picturesque quaint getaway in Weekapaug, Rhode Island that has the classic New England feeling that we all love! In 1899 the Buffum family decided to start a resort for the Weekapaug beach community sensing its ideal location and strong family lifestyle. With a few changes to location and four generations of inn keepers, it is still a cherished location for luxury weddings, relaxing vacations and weekend getaways. 

Inspired with classic Cape Cod style decor and waterfront location, the Inn itself has 31 guest rooms including four two-bedrooms signature suites with views from every room as well as modern farm to table dining focusing on the best seasonal and local produce. 


If you're looking for the dreamy "idyllic" wedding location then you are looking at the right venue.  With both indoor and outdoor venue spaces, including our amazing Sperry Tents, you are able to create an unforgettable experience for your guests that offers the simplicity of the New England scenery with the endless charm and ease of this space.


Having visited here several times for our tented event installs this past summer, I can truly say that I wish I could spend an entire summer here! The staff is great and the views are perfectly peaceful. You are free to totally chill out with a good book on the lawn chairs, grab a bike/kayak and spend the day exploring, sit and have a drink by the pool or in our case, have an amazing wedding day.


Here is a glimpse into one of our favorite events that we have done at the Weekapaug Inn. 

Stay tuned for updates with plenty more wedding stories from this venue in the upcoming months!

Link Here to see the full story and a list of all the amazing vendors!

Photograph by Sarah Bastille
2019 09 03
Photograph by Sarah Bastille
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Photograph by Sarah Bastille

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