The Clear Top Difference

The tent at an event sets the mood for the festivities. Each tent shape evokes a different aesthetic and emotion based upon the lines, the structure and the canopy. Sperry Tents have soft, elegant and resplendent lines. Frame tents have more modern, simple and rigid tops. But our clear top tents with their clean, clear and contemporary tops and sides elicit a sense of light and airy happiness. 

Being able to see the beauty of your surroundings from all aspects adds a touch of drama to your big day. Incorporating the natural tones of nature - blues and greens - produces a rejuvenating and organic feel. Coupling the modern design of the tent with the natural colors found in your surroundings is the perfect way to set the stage for your event. 

Our clear tops are custom designed with Anchor Industries to maximize the clear canopy and minimize the structural lines. Utilizing the highest quality materials, our clear tops are structurally sound and beautiful. To ensure that your canopy is crystal clear for the event, we cover the tops with tarps until the day of. Although fairly new to our product line, clear top tents have quickly become a favorite amongst our clients and set us apart from the rest! 

To learn more about how our clear tops could be the perfect setting for your next event, contact Kate Damore

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Creative Bridesmaids Gifts for your Besties

These ladies are the crème de la crème and that's why you chose them to stand with you when you say "I do," right? They have spent days planning the perfect bridal showers and epic bachelorette parties and now is your time to say thank you for all their hard work and incredible friendship. There are the stand-by gifts of matching shirts, robes and clutches, but what about packing that clutch with some special gifts just for her? 

Blister Blockers

No doubt your ladies are wearing some killer shoes for your big day, so keep her tootsies pain-free with Solemates Blister Blocker anti-friction balm. Apply some of this balm to the rub-points on your foot before you hit the dance floor and say goodbye to blisters. It comes in a small chapstick-sized tube which means it will perfectly fit in your clutch just in case you need to reapply. Solemates also makes a killer heel protector which will keep your gals from sinking in the grass during your outdoor ceremony. 

Encourage Wine-ing

After all that prepping and photo-taking, you're going to need some wine. To make sure your ladies never have an empty glass then snag a bottle from the bar and make sure she attaches one of these to her bottle for the evening. The original Guzzle Buddy is the perfect way to aerate and drink in one gulp! And once she's finished that bottle of red, remember to wipe that wine off her smile and keep those selfies coming with wine wipes. 

Keep Her Smelling like Flowers

Literally! All of that dancing and smiling and general merriment will for sure cause her to work up a sweat. Keep your gals feeling dry and smelling great (while being health conscious) with this Wild Rose Deodorant spray which she can reapply throughout the night. 

Beauty Sleep is a Must

She has been with you from the beginning of the day to the last song on the dance floor and for sure, she's exhausted. Make sure she gets her beauty sleep to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for that early morning brunch the next morning with this cool clay eye maskwhich reduces puffiness and redness with just one use. Keep it in her hotel fridge (or wine cooler) to make sure it's ready to do it's thing the minute her head hits the pillow. 

Cheers to Friendship!

And when you want to say thank you with a cheers, but can't imagine drinking one more drop of alcohol, raise these ah-mazing champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina. These little guys are packed with Dom Pérignon and come in either Brut or Rose. Either way, they are delicious and add a special twist on a classic favorite. Sugarfina has a whole line of bubbly candies so if gummy bears aren't your thing, try the champagne bubbles or even the 24k gold champagne marshmallows. I promise you won't be disappointed! (But you will get addicted to all of their delectables for sure.)

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Honoring Dr. Denis Mukwege​

We have worked with some incredible clients over the years, but to honor the work of Dr. Denis Mukwege and People's Portfolio was truly amazing. Dr. Mukwege has been recognized for his work at the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu including three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. Ashley Douglass Events really made this evening personal, intimate and inspiring, but also fun with the custom African fabric lamp shades from Social Decor. Blade Floral Design added colorful blooms throughout the Anchor clear top tent, Laurence Craig Catering kept all the guests delightfully fed and Craig Warga captured all the special moments of the evening.Katie Fischer Design, Platon and Party Rental Ltd also helped to make this event an evening to remember. 

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The Party Before the Party

If you're gathering all your favorite friends and family for your wedding, you're probably going to want to keep them there as long as possible. And as more and more people are creating destination weddings, the rehearsal dinner list is gradually growing. I was shocked when I discovered that nearly 50% of my 120 wedding guests would be attending out rehearsal dinner. But all that means is you get to throw another fabulous party! 

But it's important to remember a few key wedding rehearsal etiquette rules:

Who do I Invite?
It goes without saying that anyone in the wedding and their SOs should be at the rehearsal dinner. It's your way of saying thank you to them for agreeing to be part of your wedding day. 

Also invite close family or friends who are traveling from far away. My rule of thumb is if they had to use a passport, they should be at the rehearsal dinner. 

Family of the bride and groom should be invited, especially if they are helping out at the wedding at all. 

How do I invite them?
After you receive your wedding RSVPs, then you can put together a guest list for the rehearsal dinner. If it's a formal event, then paper invitations might be the best idea. If it's more informal, e-vites are a great way to get the word out. Or sending emails to people works as well. 

Julia D'Agostino Photography
Photograph by Julia D'Agostino Photography

Who pays?
Typically it is the groom's family who pays the bill, but in modern times it can definitely vary from event to event. 

Where should it be?
The rehearsal dinner should be nearby to the ceremony or reception location - but if there is a place special to you and your fiance, then there really are no hard and fast rules. If you're hosting the event on your property, you can always host the rehearsal at home as well. One thing to note is that the rehearsal dinner should never be more formal than the wedding. The rehearsal dinner sets to tone for the whole weekend.

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Photograph by Julia D'Agostino Photography

What should I not forget? 
This is your time to thank all your friends and family for being a part of your wedding! Tomorrow is your day, but today is theirs. Remember to pass out any gifts or tokens for your bridal party and family members. Perhaps a toast and a quick thank you speech is in order. And traditionally any toasts from the parents of the couple occur that evening as well.

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