Training Day: Frame Tents

There's a lot of legwork that goes into making your big event go without a hitch. Likewise, there's a lot of legwork that goes into us being able to produce fabulous events weekend after weekend quickly, safely and efficiently without losing any of the beauty that our tents are known for. To prep for such a strenuous and long season, we have all our crew get together in May and go over the basics of installing all of our tents, flooring and lighting. It's a great way to introduce the greenhorns to all of the equipment and the process and it's always good for the seasoned members to get a quick refresher as well. 

We were honored to have Anchor Tent's very own Mike Fenton come out and help us one of the days as well. Thanks Mike!

Bring on the 2018 Tenting Season! 

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Featured Vendor: Anchor Industries

It's no secret that The Greenwich Tent Company handpicks our inventory and will only work with the best of the best in the industry So back in 2016 when GTC was born, Zach Wilson insisted on using Anchor Tents and their innovative fabrics to create our custom line of clear top, white top and custom color frame tents. 

As the industry leader in the production of commercial tents and accessories, Anchor Industries sets the standard for quality, design, and innovation. Designed and manufactured to meet the latest building codes, Anchor frame tents are renowned for combining beautiful aesthetics and uncompromising strength.
The Greenwich Tent Company is proud to have partnered with Anchor Industries to deliver a
refined tenting experience to clients throughout the Northeast. Great care and consideration to use the best fabrics, designs, and manufacturing techniques, together with expert installation, ensures that our tents will enhance any outdoor space.
Whomever you choose to be your rental provider, we recommend that you ask for frame tents specifically by Anchor Industries – the tent manufacturer that stands above the rest.

40X50 Ceiling Drape
Clear Top Navitrac Greenwich 1 Of 1
Greenwich Tent Clear Top 50W
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Greenwich Wedding Sneak Peak

Stay tuned for a detailed Story on our site about this incredibly gorgeous clear top tent wedding photographed by Charlotte Jenks Lewis. It's going to be hard to hold back on some of these details, but we don't want to spoil all the fun!  

The bride and the groom said "I Do' at a church before making their way back to the bride's family home in Greenwich. The wonderful couple and their family partied the night away in the Navitrac 50 wife clear top frame tent built by Anchor Industries with custom tops from Serge Ferrari. Stay tuned for more details, but here's a quick sneak peak..... shhhh! 

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The Clear Top Difference

The tent at an event sets the mood for the festivities. Each tent shape evokes a different aesthetic and emotion based upon the lines, the structure and the canopy. Sperry Tents have soft, elegant and resplendent lines. Frame tents have more modern, simple and rigid tops. But our clear top tents with their clean, clear and contemporary tops and sides elicit a sense of light and airy happiness. 

Being able to see the beauty of your surroundings from all aspects adds a touch of drama to your big day. Incorporating the natural tones of nature - blues and greens - produces a rejuvenating and organic feel. Coupling the modern design of the tent with the natural colors found in your surroundings is the perfect way to set the stage for your event. 

Our clear tops are custom designed with Anchor Industries to maximize the clear canopy and minimize the structural lines. Utilizing the highest quality materials, our clear tops are structurally sound and beautiful. To ensure that your canopy is crystal clear for the event, we cover the tops with tarps until the day of. Although fairly new to our product line, clear top tents have quickly become a favorite amongst our clients and set us apart from the rest! 

To learn more about how our clear tops could be the perfect setting for your next event, contact Kate Damore

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Greenwich Tent Clear Top 50W
Aerial Interior
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Photograph by Charlotte Jenks Lewis
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