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It's such an honor to be asked to be a in a bridal party. Putting aside the real reason a bridal party came to be (there's a thing with demons and tricking evil spirits and it's all just pretty archaic and honestly a little creepy), but essentially today's brides and grooms are saying that you are so important to them, that they want you to be a part of their wedding day. It's really very sweet! Of course you're gonna say yes, even if they didn't ask you with a special handcrafted box of personalized gifts. 

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But once you give them the affirmative, then the dread sets in. How much is this going to cost? How many parties do you have to plan? How many envelopes do you have to lick and seal and how many days do you have to take out of work? It's best to be up front with your friend when you say yes. Realistically how much can you afford? No good friend wants to see you going into debt for their wedding. 

And et's be honest - no one will ever wear their bridesmaid dress again. How many people have actually "cut it down" or "paired it with flats" and allowed their dress to be reborn into another garment? Not many - IF any. We can't all be on Project Runway

But there is one brilliant way to save money and cut down on waste - Rent the Runway? It's that fabulous way to have fabulous clothes for one Cinderella night at completely affordable prices. And now your bridesmaids can have a fabulous dress for a fraction of the cost and they don't have to dedicate any precious closet space to a dress (I mean seriously how did Katherine Heigl have a closet large enough to hold 27 dresses in NYC?) they will never wear again because... Rent the Runway goes Bridal

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It's incredibly easy. Select the occasion, the dates of the wedding (you can rent for a minimum of 4 days and up to 8 with additional fees) and bam! They show up on your doorstep. A little steaming might be necessary and (only if necessary) some Hollywood Hem tape, but with their back-up size shipment and a discounted second-style, you should be good to go! And in the off-chance that your dress doesn't fit, they will do everything possible to overnight a dress to you in time for a fee of $12.95. 

It's a little more expensive than a dress from David's Bridal - I will readily admit that. But if you're bride is requesting Amsale or designer dresses it's a lot cheaper to rent for $180 than it is to buy for $400. It's a win for you, a win for your bride and a win for the environment because it's one less dress in the landfill. 

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