5 Reasons to Have a Backyard Wedding

Photograph by Iris Photography

One of the first thoughts one would have when it comes to their wedding is, "Where are we going to have it?" Well I have a suggestion to make that process a little easier. What about having it in your backyard? With a tent perhaps! 

Here are 5 of the best reasons to definitely consider a backyard wedding!  

1. Less Time Venue Hunting

The amount time that couples spend checking out venue locations can begin to take its toll. Either its not in your price range, it cannot accommodate your number of guests or you just don't get that feeling that its your spot to tie the knot. What about picking a place that you know inside and out, have a connection with and takes less time to look at...your family home!

If your feeling like you need a little more of a structured space with the help of a tent you can literally bring in the ideal venue to accommodate exactly what you need weather that's for dining/ reception space, a killer dance floor or a ceremony space you get to choose!

Photograph by Todd France
Photograph by Todd France

2. Creating Family Memories

Having your wedding at your family home/estate creates an even more personal and sentimental experience for both you and your guests. Picking a venue that could be a distance away can be tricky to coordinate travel, getting detailed instructions so someone doesn't end up getting lost, parking and so on. Hosting at a place that everyone knows brings back nostalgia, a sense of comfort and creates less stress for all parties involved. 

Photograph by Leila Brewster
Photograph by Leila Brewster

3. An Overall Cheaper Option

Now this isn't always the case however, if saving is the name of your wedding game this could be a win for you. Without going right to the pricey venues and sticking to something that is literally closer to home you are able to splurge on the oh so important decor from flowers, to table cloths to place settings and most importantly the food. You are able to focus all your creative ideas to what your guests are going to be experiencing when they arrive, where they will be sitting and the overall atmosphere. 

Photograph by Mel Barlow & Co

4. Total Control of Space & Date of Event

In this case you are in total wedding control of what goes on in your backyard. You want the ceremony here? Great! Tented reception in the other corner? Sounds like a plan to me! Versus picking a venue where they have their own rules and regulations on what they can or cannot do for you does not get you in the wedding spirit. Along with that you can choose the date you want because you have your own venue and no one else to fight over it with!

Photograph by Mel Barlow & Co

5. What About a Tent?!

So you decided to host your wedding day in your, well probably, your parents backyard excellent choice! Having a tent is a fantastic idea to host all your family and friends. Since tents come in all sizes and designs you will definitely be able to find something that fits your aesthetic weather that's a clear top tent or the seamless Sperry tent to grab peoples attention. The real perk to it is that you are essentially creating an indoor space in the outdoors which is an awesome feature to have. Having options can be great or overwhelming depending if you are a decisive person or not. You are able to customize with full flooring, a dance floor (to strut your stuff), lighting, fans and even sidewalls when it gets colder at night. The tenting possibilities are endless! 

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